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"Do It Anyway! The Single Mom's Guide to Living Life and Achieving Her Goals" is the 12 step guidebook to successful single parenting. I wrote this book to help you get over the hurt, find courage, gain strength and win while parenting alone.

You are going to love this no holds barred take on single parenting and living up to your best potential. I share stories from my own life and others in such a way that you feel like you are involved in a chat with your best friend. That's what a reader said and I'm sticking to it.

Real talk. It is my desire for you to be transformed in the process of reading this book. No more stressing, wanting to be with an ex who isn't worth it, no more soul ties to a man who isn't providing and protecting, no fear about the future, just courage to show up and parent like your babies need.

Pick up the book that is sure to change your life and your family's as you find strength to overcome the obstacles you face and rise to be who you were called to be.

As I always say, "Single Parenting is hard. Do it anyway!"

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