3 Month Dating Confidence Coaching

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3 month one on one coaching with The Winning Single Mom. Finally build your confidence and date guys you really are attracted to and not simple the one who choose you. You will learn proven tips and strategy to build your confidence and attract good mates.

Did the last relationship take your confidence? Have you allowed some guy to take you self confidence? Do you feel like you've lost "it"? Or, are you just ready to find love again but you've been out of "the game" longer than you thought you would? No worries! I'm here to help you!

As an expert Single Mom Coach, I help you work through your blocks so you can have the life you want and that includes love, too. I had to do it myself years ago and I can show you how to move past your fear and lack of confidence. Let's get you vibrant and living sis.

In 12 weeks, I will help you to restore your confidence with the work we'll do 1 on 1 and the work you'll do alone. Your Boaz is waiting on you to get ready. Let me teach you how to date with confidence. I'm on a mission to help you love the life you've got in every area.

Let's work together! Love is waiting on you. Are you ready?
What you'll get:
(6) 1 hour bi-weekly coaching sessions with me.
(6) WEEKLY assignments to practice/implement what you're learning. Released every Wednesday. We discuss in our coaching calls and you email me what you did with the work.

Course materials are delivered by email and coaching is done by phone, Google, or skype. Coaching calls are recorded and shared with you only. These are helpful to go back through and grab great nuggets you may have missed.
Is this coaching for you?

I want to work with single moms who are tired of the results they've been getting and are ready to do something about it. No excuses. Sign up if you will take what I suggest and work it!

Please ensure this is coaching you have time and money to implement. It is an investment in the new you we both know you can be, so you can eventually attract the love you desire.

What this course is not:
It is not how to get a man.
It is not a promise you will find a man in 90 days.
It is not about laws of attraction.

I guarantee you exactly what is promised. Working with me, women leave every coaching session, inspired, refreshed, renewed, and excited to implement. You will receive my 100% attention, distraction free, and focused on helping you become more confident as you date. You will be wowed and ready to enjoy your year and that it holds for you!

If after you've been in coaching for 90 days and implemented what you learned and you do not see a boost in your confidence, your outlook on dating, do not know the type of relationship you want, and did not improve your dating opportunities, request a 50% refund. My clients GET RESULTS.

Once you pay, I will send you a welcome packet by email and a coaching contract. You will fill out a few items out and setup your first call. The daily affirmations will begin and get ready for the real work to begin! Woo! I'm excited for you!