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In her dynamic devotional, PARENT, THRIVE, WIN! A 31 Day Devotional for Courageous Single Moms Who Know God Has Called Them to Be More, speaker, single parenting coach, and author Kaywanda Lamb provides you with powerful "real life reminders" for every day of the month. Each devotion contains "real talk" and practical advice backed by God's Word so you can take the reigns in your life and help your family thrive!

God wants you and your family to get closer to Him. A mom who is calmer, more focused, has a strategy to win at her goals and to parent in her home will be the mom her children connect with, follow, and rise up and call blessed. It's time to take control. Time to get quiet and allow God to show you how to thrive through it.

God is calling you higher. You need more than money, more than a man, and more than things to make you feel good to parent like the God-fearing and capable mom you are. It's time to rise up and take your place. Take time daily to replenish yourself and you will begin to see that you can do more when you get clear on your journey.

It won't happen over night, but with consistent prayer, devotion, and strategy you will begin to see a change and you transformation and that of your family is not far behind.

This devotional is designed to give you direction and inspiration along the way.

Using this devotional, single moms will learn to parent well, thrive, and win at whatever they set their mind to do.

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