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Do you have any idea what you're doing when you're going on dates? Or, are you simply winging it? Checking to see how it will go with no real plan. This is your love life and eventually will be your life. It deserves more than a "let's see how this goes."

I'm so excited for you to get my love plan because if you do the work, it will change your life, your dating options, and your outlook on love. It has changed mine and so many other women I've coached and led through this process at my workshops and events along the way.

It is everything you know but aren't doing designed in a logical progression that helps you implement in bite-size chunks so you can finally attract and be ready for GOOD LOVE.

Like any program, guide, or book, you must commit to doing the work. I've laid out what I know to be true when preparing to date
again as a single mom. Based on my experience, my coaching clients experiences, and people I have interviewed, this is the process to help you really work toward attracting good love. I guarantee you will love what you learn and you will see a difference.

For 15 days, you will learn, study, and apply one concept per day. At the end of 15 days you will know who you want, what you don't, and how to attract him. It's a total of 30 pages that help you work through your wants, desires, must haves, deal breakers, and even includes dating tips.

Sis, you can keep doing what you're doing or you can get a system that works.

Are you ready for good love? Then order your copy today! The file will download and you will be able to start this amazing journey to the most clarity, peace, and fun you've had while dating as a single mom.

I'm so happy for you. My coaching clients and brunch attendees are the only ones with access to this life-changing journey and now you. After you do the work, you will see how much easier dating with clarity and confidence can be. Blessings!