Dating Confidence for Single Moms

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This is a 15 day "self love/deep dive into what you really want" course for single moms who are ready to date again, find Mr. Right, and enjoy their lives. It includes a digital copy of The Love Plan, a 30 page ebook, and my go to guide at my events to help amazing, go-getter, ambitious, and busy single moms like you prepare for good love. I'm providing detailed tips, strategy, and steps for you to take to bring love in. Stop wishing one day would come and make today the day you get up, go out, and live!

Armed with 15 days of audio teaching, insight, and step by step worksheets to help you plan for love, know your type, love your first, and build your confidence, you'll see what my clients see and that is that "You are the prize, you have a choice, and you deserve good love." Get ready to bring your sexy self back! It's like coaching with me but for a fraction of the cost. Take your time, re-listen to the lessons, write out your strategy on your own pace and get inspired to date again. One thing is for sure, you will be ready when you're done.

Get ready to date with confidence in as little as 2 weeks. It's time to let good love in!

Includes 15 daily audios, 1 Love Plan Ebook (30 pages divided by day).

AND BONUS 1 hour style and makeup interview with Style Maven Alex Thomas and a style guide for the first date as a special gift from Alex.

After this course, you will be ready to date with confidence.