Balanced Mom Life Bundle

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You heard that right. Finally find balance when you order both of Kaywanda's books. You'll receive 1) autographed paperback copy of Do It Anyway! The Single Mom's Guide to Living Life and Achieving Her Goals AND 2) an autographed copy of Parent, Thrive, Win! A 31 Day Devotional for Single Moms Who Know God Has Called Them to Be More. Yes, the titles say it all. PLUS, you’ll receive 3) a 15 oz inspirational mug from Kaywanda’s collection to sip tea or coffee during your quiet mommy time.

Stop going in circles trying to figure out single parenting and read Do It Anyway. Then, learn to build your faith and connection with God as you read the devotional designed for all the challenges single parenting brings.

You can win as a single mom. Start here.

Books will be shipped within 48 hours of ordering.

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Dont worry if youre doing this right. Get the secrets to winning as a single mom!