Single Mom Success Bundle

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You'll get 10 PDF, 1 DOCX and 1 ODT

Are you over having to do it all AND do all the thinking, raising, cleaning, paying bills, and raising!!!??

I get it sis! Download my Single Mom Success Bundle which includes all the things I've used to get my life organized down to my vision for my life, seeing goals, mining my money (you're going to loooove this spreadsheet alone), and even what we eat. Part of the reason I was able to save money and pay down debt is I learned NOT to go to the store hungry and how to use a budget. This zero-based budget gives ALL of your money a home: savings, tithes, all the bills, and yes even FUN has a place in this budget. It can be used over and over. Just follow instructions to make your own copy and duplicate it. It is worth $30 by itself.

I'm sharing all the tools I used to help me stay on track and use my time wisely. This bundle includes 12 products that sold separately would easily be over $100. But I want to help women win at motherhood and at life, so here is the starter kit to keep you organized and confident while parenting alone. Everyone needs a budget. I give you the spreadsheet I use to pay down debt and pay off 10 credit cards plus 8 extra goodies!

What you'll get:

  • Living and Parenting Well eBook (10 pages of wisdom)
  • Winning Life Mind Map (map your life mama)
  • Winning Money Map (get your money life on track)
  • Budget like a Boss Mom spreadsheet (life changing)
  • Boss Mom Goal Planning Worksheet
  • Weekly Winning Single Mom Meal Planner (2 forms) (saves you money)
  • Single Parenting 101 presentation (10 slides of wisdom)
  • Creating a Side Hustle Cheat Sheet (Takes the guess work away)
  • Self Care and Life Plan (key to why you must focus now)
  • Monthly Budget Checklist (if you like to write)
  • 5 Ways to Manage Motherhood ebook
  • 10 places to meet Bae ebook

Learn how to write down your goals AND achieve them, how to get your finances in order, what you're cooking s you can stop wasting time and money in the grocery store, where you're going in life (yes, you will make a plan), and how to do this single mom thing better. Yes, I'm including crazy value here. That's because I want to see you WIN! Grab your mentor in a bundle today! Honey, it's gonna bless you!

A document with the link for a folder in Google Drive will download for you after purchase. Read the handy tip sheet. It also has the link to the budget spreadsheet so you can make a copy of the master file, rename it, and use it. Sis, you are about to know where all your money is going and make a plan to save, pay down debt, or plan the next vacay. BOSS!

This bundle is going to help you get your coins, your body, and your life on track. It's still a heck of a deal at $47, so grab it now while you have time.