From Stressed to Blessed 6 Week Coaching Package

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In this 6 week hands on 1 on 1 with Kaywanda, you will learn how to take charge in your home, to stop the replays of worry, exhaustion, and the lies that you are not enough. You'll learn to balance your budget, make a life plan, and to stop the harassment from the ex and his current woman (if that is what you need), and you will receive strategy to design a life you love.

Kaywanda Lamb is a 19 year veteran single mother who took her two boys from living in a one bedroom apartment to living a nice middle class life in Texas on her own. Kaywanda now runs two successful for profits and devotes herself to helping other single moms learn the rules of thriving and not just surviving. But, she didn't wait to get to where she is now to do it. She started in the muddy confusing arguments, with the broken heart, the depression, the overwhelm, the distraction, and the shame to change her story. She started in her mess to carve out a new story. And, she is going to teach you how to rewrite yours, to focus on what you want by helping you map out your future and teach you to get your kids involved.

This coaching package is for women who are ready to invest in themselves, who have disposable income to work on themselves, and who are committed to doing the work to get happy, healthy, whole, and healed.

This coaching package spans 6 weeks and includes (3) 1 hour calls in addition to your first strategy session.

You will have homework, checklists, and deep work to do. But, if you want a better life, to be a happier person, to be present with your kids, to get focused on you and your dreams, and to no longer worry about who left or be angry at life, this is where you start.

Space is limited. Payment Plan options available.

Coaching Support Package includes:

  • (1) 90 minute kickoff call- here we will discuss your needs and I'll create your life map with you. Bring your goals and dreams and if you have lost them, I'll coach you till you can see then again.
  • Welcome Packet
  • (3) 1 on 1 coaching sessions
  • (4) checklists
  • (2) PDF Guides
  • FB Messenger support (during office hours)

Are you ready for the best 6 weeks EVER! Click the buy button and get ready to be better in every way, focused, excited about life again, in charge at home, and most importantly happy and knowing where you are going because you have a plan and you know how to deal with the tough things that come.