90 Day Conversational Spanish for Entrepreneurs

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Ready to talk to your customers in Spanish?

Tired of leaving money on the table because you nor your staff speak Spanish?

Wish you could hold simple conversations in Spanish but your high school Spanish is not doing the trick?

I get it. Totally!

Just so you know, you landed in the perfect place.

Hi! I'm Kaywanda Lamb, M.A., a certified Spanish teacher with over 20 years experience learning and teaching Spanish. I’m very passionate about you learning formal Spanish for your business needs. I’ll also teach you how to have informal conversations.

Because I'm also a business major who worked in corporate America before becoming an educator, I know EXACTLY what you need. I’ve worked with clients across various industries and am confident I can help you.

In my 3 tracks for the Conversational Spanish for Entrepreneurs, you'll learn Spanish on your level to fit your exact needs. Perfect right? I know. Don't just take my word for it. Listen to these testimonials.

"You are the best Spanish teacher ever. Thank you for teaching me how to talk to my Spanish clients. As a doula, it is very important to communicate before, during, and after childbirth. My clients love that I can help them in Spanish. It's all thanks to you." K. Brien, Indiana


(12) private 1 on 1 virtual 60 minute lessons (Learn from anywhere in the world with the internet)

Recordings of each session sent within in 24 hours

30 page workbook

(12) 30 minute PRIVATE office hours/work sessions to complete homework, ask questions, and practice speaking with me (Yes, you must practice to learn)

Once you enroll, I’ll assess your skill level in our intro call, you’ll sign up for your first 4 of 12 classes on my calendar, and I’ll send you the 30 page workbook I created to assist you.

I cannot wait to help you speak FLUENT conversational Spanish for your business and to your customer with ease!

No puedo ver la hora que Ud. esté hablando en español. I can't wait to see you speak Spanish!

These lessons are tailored specifically to you and your business. It's like taking the right classes for exactly what you need. My clients have walked away with way more than they expected because this program works. I hope to see you enroll next!